Data Analysis

The object of our data analysis is to determine the effect of our aerodynamic modifications on the normal force on each contact patch. That means we're finding out how well the car grips the road before and after each modification.

The force balance measures six components:

  • Lift
  • Drag
  • Side force
  • Pitching moment
  • Yawing moment
  • Rolling moment

We are only interested in the components that contribute to the normal (vertical) force on each tire, that is, the lift, drag, and pitching moment. The figure below shows the three components we are interested in as they are applied to the model.

Considering the three component forces and moments, we can solve for the normal force on each contact patch by solving the static equilibrium equations for the vehicle,. shown in Equation 1 and Equation 2 below.

We found that the pitching moment induced by the spoiler or wing on the back of the car actually helps improve the uneven weight distribution of a front wheel drive vehicle. Normally the weight is distributed with 70% over the front axle and 30% over the rear. The pitching moment trys to lift the front wheels off of the ground, so given the proper speed and configuration, the moment causes the two force lines in the figure below to converge to a perfect balance.


Special Features

Aeromotive Movie (16Mb)

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