Eaton has been mass producing helical roots type superchargers for automobiles since 1989 when Ford requested a supercharger for their Thunderbird SC. Today Eaton superchargers are used in a variety of applications, including vehicles by General Motors, Ford, and Nissan.
We obtained two Eaton superchargers, a second generation M62 and a third generation M90. Some aspects of the superchargers vary between applications, including the mating surface between the supercharger and engine block, the length of the snout, and the configuration of the throttle body inlet. Our examples are specific to General Motors applications, namely the 1995 and 1997 L67 engines respectively. Please see Appendix A for specifications on these two superchargers.

(Eaton MP90, CAPA)
Our objective was to generate 1mm or better accuracy CAD models of the two superchargers using SDRC I-DEAS computer aided design software. These superchargers have multiple parts which we planned to assemble and animate using the software package. The final goal was to perform a thermal analysis of the two housings, find the likely routes of heat flow from the engine block, and suggest methods to keep the housing cool.







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